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About Ohli Clothes

OHLI clothes are spreading the new way of thinking in the fashion world, where a garment not only offers the body protection functionality but touches its wearer more holistically by being totally organic, fully chemical free, non-toxic, carrying wellbeing powers due to ayurvedic herbal dyeings, supporting small-scale local production, and leaving no harmful wastes to the planet Earth.

In OHLI fashion meets functionality, simplicity binds with exclusivity and the garment powers reach beyond your skin. Our female clothes are feminine and male line brings out the man in you. We offer clothes that make you look good and feel good!




Background of Ayurvastra

Hundreds of years ago before industrialization, in many parts of the world clothing was dyed using fully natural means in harmony with the environment. The ancient Indian texts mention health and wellness as other functions for clothing besides the obvious protectional function. Ayurvastra project in Kerala, India was wakened alive by the Directorate of Handloom, Department of Industries and Commerce and the Department of Government Ayurveda College. Its aim nowadays is to both create unique eco-friendly wellness clothes as well as to promote handloom textiles.

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Health Benefits

Ayurvastra actually means the process of dyeing textiles like in the old times, using different medicinal herbs for getting the color variations. The Government Ayurveda College in Trivandrum, Kerala, India, found proof through different studies being conducted, that in this ancient dyeing technique it is actually more than just the beautiful colors that are being achieved. Namely, the medicinal herbs give to the garment also different health benefits which a person can absorbe through skin, the largest organ of the human body. Just like our skin absorbs toxins coming in touch with it, it also absorbs the medicinal herbs that have created a micro-environment on its surface. These clothes also help to restore the balance within the body’s systems and reinforce the immune system.

Good For You – Good For The Planet

In the natural clothing market today, varying amounts of chemicals are still used in the dyeing process (low-impact chemical dyes) even though the fabric maybe 100% organic. The process of our ayurvastra clothes starts with 100% pure organic cloth and passes through several stages of treatment before becoming colorful and ready to wear. No machines are involved in the dyeing process and more importantly, absolutely no chemical additives are added to prepare the fibers for spinning and weaving and no chemical finishes are applied to enhance its appearance. The entire process is organic, and it does not pollute the environment like synthetic dye. The production waste is used as bio manure and also to generate bio gas.


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This post is also available in: Eesti (Estonian)

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