Ayuverdic massage courses.

Ayuverdic massage courses for beauticians, cosmetologists, massage therapists, hairdressers, spa personnel

A unique possibility to educate yourself or the staff of your beauty parlour or SPA with theoretical and practical knowledge of the 5000- years old “science of life” Ayurveda, and its massage techniques by Indian government certified and 20+ years of international work experience (from the USA, UK, Germany, Scandinavia etc.) trainer-therapist Harikumar Thampi, originating from Kerala, South-India and working in an ayurvedic clinic in Sweden.   

Over 5000 years Ayurveda (originating from South-India) has been used both to treat and prevent diseases and promote wellbeing. With the same tools one can both repair the problems as well as create severe damage in case of lack of knowledge. It is therefore of high importance to go beyond the physical body and learn the theory of Ayurveda and holistic anatomy behind the practice!

All our massage courses offer:

  • Background and theoretical part relevant to the course and technique
  • Access to online massage video for home practice
  • A bundle of course notes

  • Short break with Indian snacks

  • Learning environment in a small group

  • Diploma

Indian head and shoulder massage basic course for sitting clients

(suitable for hairdressers, massage therapists, home use) – course duration 5 academic hours, price 85

Indian head massage has a quick feelgood effect on clients and is an effective method for stress relief as well as treating various headaches since on the small head area 3 out of 7 chakras or energy centers are located. It is a powerful tool for relaxation, releasing tensions, repairing the nervous system, and stimulating through marma points the functioning of different inner organs. It is also a procedure of high importance for eliminating toxins from the brain as well as stimulating the work of pituitary and pineal glands and the production of dopamine. Low dopamine amounts, however, are among other complications associated also with many attention deficit syndromes like ADD, ADHD etc. The procedure is carried out classically with the application of warm oil but techniques we teach are usable also without oil. In the theoretical part of this module we touch deeper upon the concept of Ayurveda, explain dosha types and talk about the do-s and don’t-s from the holistic point of view on the massaged area.

Indian head-neck-face massage for clients in lying position

(suitable for cosmetologists, massage therapists) – course duration 5 academic hours; price 99

Head, face and ears area is covered with many marma points (acupuncture points in Chinese medicine) related to different inner organs. It is a powerful massage technique for stimulating the work of vital inner organs as well as producing a heavenly relaxation feeling to the client. In this course theory part we go deeper into the different dosha types in Ayurveda and teach how to distinguish and what to keep in mind (technique, room temperature, smells, sensitivity etc.) for treating different dosha dominant people. We also cover the main marma points of the anatomical area and their interrelation to person’s inner organs and emotional self.

Abhyanga whole body advanced massage course

(suitable for massage therapists) – course duration 8 academic hours; prerequisite either A or B head massage course; price 145

Abhyanga is the “pearl” of massages. It treats holistically beyond muscles and tissues the entire person. Long flowy strokes together with the application of warm oil relieve the energy blockings, activate lymphatic drainage, help the body to get rid of toxins, repair the nervous system, stimulate the release of “feelgood” and “happy hormones”, lower the cortisol level, ground and nourish the client and create a strong “being re-born” feeling among others.

In the practical part of the course, we talk about the holistic anatomy of our whole body, further demystify concepts like chakras, nadis, srotas, marmas. We back up the ancient practice with modern research and give multiple ayurvedic lifestyle tips even for outside beauty parlour use.


*Special discount available for 3 or more participants from the same organization in the same course!


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