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The birth of Ohli was written in the stars when an ayurvedic therapist (Hari) with long international work experience and a grateful patient (Helen), being fascinated in the ancient healing modality, joined the forces believing that together we can educate and help to wellbeing through the thousands of years old “science of life” ayurveda so many more souls on this planet.

Ayurveda is not a “quick fix pill”, as for advice it requires tuning into each and every person’s individual constitution (dosha type), and custom make all products and advices, but multiple times have we experienced ourselves and seen on people reaching out for it, how powerful the ayurvedic methods actually are in creating wellbeing and well feeling.

Under the label OHLI we make the Indian ayurvedic soul to meet the Nordic soil, combining the ancient principles into products and services for contemporary users looking for true wellbeing.
Our services and products are made for you who is striving to live a life in a close harmony to nature, for you whom non-toxicity comes before price, and for you who believes his/her wellbeing is greatly in one’s own hands!

You Can Meet Us Personally Here:

May 22,23,24 Ayurvedic head-neck-face and abhyangam massage courses at Iluks Kaubandus Tallinn, ESTONIA

May 25th – Ayurvedic head-neck-face massage course at Hemmotteluhoitolat, Kouvola, FINLAND

July 27, 28 – Joogafestival (, Haapsalu, ESTONIA

July 29th – private ayurvedic yoga and life coaching event, Noarootsi, ESTONIA

August 24th – Vegan Festival, Riga, LATVIA

September 28-29th – Prana festival (, Göteborg, SWEDEN

October 26th-27th – Harmoni Expo, Stockholm, SWEDEN

November 8-10th – Body.Mind.Spirit ( festival, Lillestrøm, NORWAY

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