Non-Toxic Products.

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Herbal dyed clothes

OHLI clothes are spreading the new way of thinking in the fashion world, where a garment not only offers the body protection functionality but touches its wearer more holistically by being totally organic, fully chemical free, non-toxic, carrying wellbeing powers due to ayurvedic herbal dyeings, supporting small-scale local production, and leaving no harmful wastes to the planet Earth. Read more

Therapist line ayurvedic skincare

Our ayurvedic oil blends base on therapist Hari’s over 20-years of ayurvedic knowledge and experience from the branch and incorporate the best natural ingredients from India and Scandinavia, stirred with a bunch of good karma. These products are handmade keeping in mind the ayurvedic principles of each dosha type and in addition to ingredients from traditional ayurvedic receipts include also the wisdom of Nordic plants. The product’s suitability to a dosha type is marked with letters V (Vata), P (Pitta) or K (Kapha). Don’t know your body type? – Take a quick dosha test

Tea blends

The tea blends we make are skillfully picked mixtures of Indian ayurvedic herbs and local Nordic plants with powers, where taste and aroma are not left secondary. We do not add any additional flavor or aroma to the blends because we believe the natural ingredients marked on the package already do have everything we need!

Natural yoga mats and yoga equipment

Our yoga mats and accessories are handloomed and handmade, are 100% biodegradable, made of 100% natural ingredients by a few professionals in the world who still hold alive this knowledge. The smell of pure nature they spread during your yoga practice is divine, providing you a gate for escaping to harmony in just one deep breath – no matter wherever you physically are. Available soon in our webshop!


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This post is also available in: Eesti (Estonian) Svenska (Swedish)

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