Non-toxic male tanktop


This is a garment of conscious choice containing medicinal wellness qualities!

Our clothes are created for your well-feeling and wellbeing. You do not only look cool and fabulous in your new garment but are wearing something that:

  • Has a positive impact on health as the color is obtained from ayurvedic medicinal herbs and each combination of herbs gives the garment different color shades as well as different health properties*
  • Is 100% organic
  • Has not been chemically treated during any stage of the production
  • Does not create pollution for the environment
  • Supports the local handloomers in Southern India

Made of 100% organic cotton.

Garment care: follow instructions on the label. The possible small color variations are normal and are due to hand production in the dying process.

*Read more about Ayurvastra dyeing of textiles here

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