Our Story

The birth of Ohli was written in the stars when Helen, the worn out office worker, accidentally found the magic answers of well-being in the thousands of years old Indian healing modality called ayurveda. There was no quick-fix pill for good health to swallow, but rather the beginning of a path of understanding that feeling good is achievable through finding a longterm balance for body, mind and soul. And to maintain the balance, the understanding came that change from the current way of life is required – a change in daily habits, and a change in thoughts.

The cornerstone to the healthy lifestyle promoting brand OHLI, standing for “Own Your Health, Own Your Life”, was laid about a year later thanks to the inspiration and knowledge of ayurvedic therapist Hari.

Under the label OHLI we make the Indian ayurvedic soul to meet the Nordic soil. We blend the best all natural and zero chemical raw materials, originating from latitudes in India to Scandinavia, into products of high quality with wellness stimulating powers. We believe that the products offered under the label OHLI are a helping remedy for anyone trying to achieve a greater well-being!


We wish that through your lifestyle choices you can OWN YOUR HEALTH, so you are able to OWN YOUR LIFE!

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