It is no secret that your dominating dosha type determines your physical and emotional qualities. How then to take advantage of this knowledge in the work environment and in making your “dream team”?

Easy – hire a Pitta to be an executive or sales manager, since Pittas have quick decision-making powers, and an enormous desire for success and achievement. Pittas are often also called “natural-born leaders”, giving them already the advantage in motivational or influential roles. 

Get a Vata to do your marketing job or have any other creative input in the team. The otherwise easily bored Vata will be a more motivated employee having short-term and changing work tasks, whereby marketing each day a new product with a new approach will give enough of a stimulus and motivation to a Vata. Take also the advantage of Vata’s overwhelming creativity, which will surely keep your company’s competitive advantage high… Just make sure you do not expect the hectic and unstable Vata to execute his or her own creative ideas – that will be a disaster! Executing is the job of a Kapha! Have a Kapha also to be the general manager or leader of the board since Kapha’s calmness and groundedness can tolerate a lot without losing the mind or the temper or the course of the journey.