Ayurveda talks about 3 doshas meaning “energy” in Sanskrit. This is referring to the three energy types in nature based on the 5 elements and their characteristics. Read more here! In the summertime, the living is easy but also hot and this causes Pitta dosha to take over.

Pitta is hot-tempered, sharp in actions and words, and gets irritated easily. So can this firecracker drink coffee in the mornings or is it overstimulating?

Coffee is normally a no-no for Pittas, yet who wants to give up that tasty cup of a morning ritual? Not me!

Here is how you can make it less acidic and thereby more suitable even for Pittas:

  • Drink half a cup of warm water before your coffee
  • Add cardamom powder to the coffee
  • Add a bit of milk or coconut milk to the coffee

Enjoy your morning, sunshine!