Remember our blog post “What causes Pitta dosha to go out of balance?”.Ā If you keep getting angry and frustrated it’s your out-of-control Pitta dosha energy. Here are 3 simple activities that balance your Fire in Pitta and swipe away anger, irritation, and frustration:Ā 

  1. A walk in nature (but stay in the shadow, not under the sun) ā€“ preferably walk near a waterbody (river, lake, seashore). Shadow and trees have cooling energy, a waterbody has calming water energy.
  2. Engage in gardening work. Working with plants and soil have grounding Earth energy.
  3. Go for a swim ā€“ preferably in a sweet waterbody like a lake or slow river (as sea salt has less effectiveness to calm the Pitta). Swimming will both cool the body and mind and balance the hot Pitta energy with a high Fire element with its grounding Water element.

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