With the last of Pitta season breaking through in the coming up week of promised Indian summer and warmer temperatures in Sweden, it would perhaps be relevant to end the Pitta season by talking about how you balance a Pitta person and how you win your way to his or her heart.

A sure way to calm down on a casual night your overstressed Pitta partner is through aromatherapy and a good massage. Prepare some coconut oil for giving a shoulder and back massage, add a few drops of lavender or rose essential oil to the slightly heated base oil (make sure you do not overheat the coconut oil as Pittas do not tolerate heat), and you will see the magic of balancing and calming happening. Add a calming music soundtrack of ocean waves or sound of water to the whole experience, and voilá – your Pitta partner is over the moon of such kind of a treat!

If you ever are wondering about what to give as a birthday present to your hot-tempered hardcore achiever Pitta partner, a piece of cooling pearl jewellery is always a sure bet! Some organic skin care products will most likely do the “winning the heart thing” too, but make sure it contains the notes of sandalwood, rose, lavender or vetiver (OHLI Tridoshic Treat body oil and Facial Fancy facial oil are suitable blends).

Arranging a surprise b-day party by gathering his or her best friends is also very appreciated by a Pitta person as Pittas love to be in the centre of attention and enjoy the company of good friends. The moments of dusk, moonlight and sunrise are also a direct highway into a Pitta person’s heart… especially when accompanied by a melodious music experience.

Use such an atmosphere to create special and memorable moments for your Pitta partner. If you however have married a Pitta person recently, and are currently planning for a common home – make sure you go for a light colour interior, have as big windows as possible, and plan a lotus pond or fountain for the garden to keep your Pitta always happy and calm at home!

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