Natural facial oil is a powerful remedy for skin nourishment, soothing, softening, moisturizing, protection and replenishing, as powers of pure nature are in a very concentrated form in the product. It is a product you can’t go without during rough Nordic winter winds and “turned to the maximum” indoor central heating season, yet a few do associate the protection and moisturizing properties of what facial oil can give with a sunny summer.

The equation is however simple – now that the temperatures are rising and we peel off our jackets layer by layer and turn our noses towards the bright sun, trying to absorb the so missed out light and vitamin D, we also expose the skin to the drying rays of the sunlight. Did you know that many of the sunblocks which protect the skin from the unwanted UV rays actually also do have a drying effect?  This is because zinc oxide in physical sunblocks, enabling broad UVA & UVB protection, does also have astringent (and thereby drying) properties. The drying is, therefore, double – first from the sun and then from the sunblock!

We for sure do not recommend you giving up your sunblock! While sunblock is designed to sit on the top layer of your skin, we encourage you to keep the aging signs and drying out your skin away on a deeper level by applying a fine-molecule facial oil, like Facial Fancy, under the sunblock. This way the oil can penetrate into deeper layers of skin, keep your face hydrated, nourished and moisturized, and push the signs of aging into far-far future.