Thank you for finding your way here! The fact that you are here means you are curious about the 5000 years old ancient science of Ayurveda and are concerned about your health, just like I am.

I am Helen, an ayurvedic practitioner, and coach and one of the founders of OHLI. In our training sessions, we in OHLI team come across so many people curious about this ancient science with multiple questions, that by creating this pool of wisdom, we hope your thirst for knowledge will eventually be fulfilled. Here I will gather the ayurvedic diamonds of knowledge from my own studies, from Harikumar’s (the second founder of OHLI) long experience as a therapist, and from the “behind the scenes” ayurvedic doctors we regularly consult.

The receipts you find here will have a VEG marking if they are entirely vegetarian. Some non-vegetarian receipts, however, will also have a comment on how to make a vegetarian-friendly version of them. As I daily cook to a family, I also get to take into considerations the opinion of my children in the kitchen. If you also have kids and want to serve them food that supports their body, mind, and soul and offer tastes they consider “yummy”, you will see these receipts marked as KID. I will make these pieces of valuable ancient knowledge backed by modern science practical, and easily digestible for you. Digestion however in Ayurveda, is the basis of your wellbeing. You tell the ayurvedic doctor how you digest, and he tells you who you are and what your health concerns are!