Did you know that just like there comes an Indian summer before the autumn, the Fire element accumulates in your body towards the end of summer? When the “fire” gets out of balance it dries out your system and can cause Pitta related symptoms of aggression, skin outbreaks, etc. Adding too much fire and dryness in the system can also cause Vata problems and leave you melancholic and ungrounded for the next coming Vata season in the Fall. It, therefore, is extra important to cool down your body and mind now in the heat, and a coconut milk & mint-based drink as a “snack” or breakfast is perfect for this purpose. This drink or smoothy works miracles any time during summer when temperatures in the Nordics get close to +30 C.


Fix a quick Pitta balancing “firefighter” smoothy with just blending together 5 ingredients:
? fresh strawberries in earlier summer, raspberries in later part of summer (the sweeter in taste the better),
? ripe mango,
? mint leaves,
? coconut milk and
? a bit of honey and feel the freshness and calmness come over you like a tropical calming and soothing rain!

P.S. In case you happen to be Pitta dominant, substitute honey with agave syrup.
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