Because it is the lifestyle I know that really in long term supports your health and wellbeing. When I say this, believe me, I do have multiple years of experience of experimenting with all kind of diets and trends claiming to be healthy.

In my journey towards losing weight and becoming “healthy” I have swallowed pills that do not allow fat from food to absorb in your body, I have tried drinking shakes and eating nutrition bars instead of eating meals, experimented with LCHF (low carbs high fat), suffering through the 2 no-food days in a 5:2 diet, I have believed that eliminating wheat from my diet supports my health and the next moment jumped on a trend that milk is bad for us… just to name a few… Each of these diets after a certain time left me emotionally imbalanced and my body filled with unwanted toxins bulging under the skin in the form of cellulite pads. And to attack the cellulite I did a 5-day “cleansing” by drinking only water, resulting in menstrual cycle problems and loss of hair, but ironically – not a millimeter in an of loss of cellulite.

For years I mistreated my body thinking that by following the latest trends I follow the latest research, but little did I know that trends are “trendy” only a while, and they do not give a long term effect and do not treat the whole of you but only with extreme means try to attack one target area, leaving the rest of you completely out of balance.

Luckily, through a random sequence of events, Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, talked to me.  It’s 5000 years history is proof on its own efficiency. Ayurveda believes that when we start to follow something else than our natural diet and lifestyle, we start to develop ama (toxins) – the cause of the majority of the health issues on emotional as well as physical level. Bingo! – I was back in basics. No more experimenting, but consciously consuming what is good for me, and being in harmony with the nature around me. 

In order to take Ayurveda seriously, however, one needs to forget about all modern dogmas of eating. Ayurveda goes so much more beyond the concepts of macronutrients… As a flashback, I still remember my frustration after the first consultation at the ayurvedic doctor, where I was told that my increasing body weight was due to Vata dosha imbalance and that in order to boot it, I had to substitute some of my leafy cold salad bowls with warm carbs. When I heard that I should even include wheat pasta in my diet, I was sure the doctor was mistaken, as everyone trying to lose weight knew that pasta, furthermore wheat pasta, is something you do not even dream about! “Ayurveda is about functional diet, Helen, here we do not follow populistic trends, but we look at what we recommend to whom, and at which times”, replied the doctor. Skeptically I decided to try his advice for a month, and my body and mind experienced an enormous change during these four weeks. Needless to say, since then I have stuck to Ayurveda!

Welcome to You journey of true wellbeing!