The end of the year is always a hectic time for everyone, and the “to do” list seems to have no end. All this stress and preparations for the holidays, and the long holidays itself with the culmination of overeating on top of this all, will weaken you physically and mentally. It is therefore very important that you find a few routines every day to follow even during your most hectic times in life. You will perhaps not manage to do everything you would like to those days – don’t worry, nobody does! Instead try to make yourself a mini-list of a few quick routines that you absolutely will not let go of, no matter at what speed the world around you happens to be spinning. These few moments enable you daily to check in with yourself and to find your inner balance. These are the key moments for not losing your true self and being able to land in the new year with well-being and happy feelings.

Our products serve as great remedies for establishing these moments of routines – tongue cleaner for your morning tongue scraping (takes about 30 seconds); a quick face- and body massage with respective oils – ab 3-4 minutes; a cup of immunity-boosting or digestion stimulating tea takes about 5 minutes to make and you can sip it during your other activities; a meditation on the hand-loomed natural yoga mats can be accomplished in 10 minutes and a quick full-body yoga does not have to require more than 20 minutes.

In order to allow your wallet to breathe more freely during the end-of-year shopping marathon, all our products are for now on a -30% discount, and no extra transportation costs* are applied.

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